Mr. Ricky K.L. Chim has been engaged in the financial industry and investment business for more than 20 years. Ricky is forward-looking minded and is visionary on finance and business community. He has been raising practical proposals for the financial industry and is very concerned about the development of the financial industry. Ricky was also appointed as an Honorary Consul of Hong Kong in Papua New Guinea in 2013. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in Canada. He is active in the business sector, and serves as a securities dealer, chairman and executive directorships of several listed companies. Afterwards, he decides to fight for the rights and interests in the industry, takes root in the financial services sector, and actively reflects the opinions of the industry.

Ricky claims that the financial system has a lack of young people. As a fellow of financial industry, Ricky decided to create a forward-looking and pragmatic financial development strategy research institute by using a FinTech think-tank platform to attract and gather professionals in the financial sector and re-examine the local financial system, promote and implement forward-looking and strategic financial policy research and initiatives for the industry, grasp the opportunities brought about by the “Belt and Road” initiative and the GuangDong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and create a new FinTech society in order to catch up and surpass the great steps of the times.

Mr. Pedro ELOY

YET Chairman and the Founder of HKU Business Lab

Dr HUI, Glenn Kwok-hung

Instructor of Department of Public Policy, The City University of Hong Kong

Mr. ZHU Shihai

Associate Professor, Macau University of Science and Technology

Mr. Erwin HUANG

Associate Professor and Senior Advisor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dr. Byron TSANG

PhD in Economics, University of Washington, and Associate Professor of Department of Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Mr. Kevin TSUI

Associate Professor, Clemson University, and Visiting Associate Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hon CHEUNG Kwok-kwan, JP

Executive Council member, Legislative Council Member (HKSAR)

Hon LEUNG Che-cheung, SBS, MH, JP

Legislative Council Member (HKSAR)

Hon CHUNG Kwok-pan

Legislative Council Member (HKSAR)

Hon Paul TSE Wai-chun, JP

Legislative Council Member (HKSAR)

Hon SHIU Ka-fai

Legislative Council Member (HKSAR)



To expand the scope of participation, FFDS has sincerely invited all companies that are holding securities of the Securities and Futures Commission Types 1 to 10, to become our institutional members. Institutional members include any local company or other overseas organization that are engaged in or interested in promoting the development of FinTech.

The sectors to which the institutional member belong include (but are not limited to):

  • Financial institutions (including banking and insurance)
  • FinTech newly-rising enterprises
  • Virtual currency business sector
  • Communication software company
  • Big Data Analytics Company
  • Regulatory technology company
  • Digital/virtual currency companies
  • Blockchain Company
  • E-commerce and payment companies
  • E-commerce and payment companies
  • Insurance Technology Corporation
  • Securities company
  • Mandatory Provident Fund Corporation
  • Universities, research and training-oriented institutions


The Fellowship of Financial Development Strategy will play a bridge role in connecting overseas companies to Hong Kong and mainland companies. We invite any kind of financial practitioners from all over the world to join the Fellowship of Financial Development Strategy to reflect your views on financial policy and create a better governance environment.

  • Members and their institutional members can enjoy exclusive privileges and grasp the advantages of the industry earlier, which includes participating in seminars related to national economic and financial development, participating in regular industry gatherings organized by FFDS, being invited to attend international conferences, meeting and talking with relevant officials, leaders and the industry people, etc., further understanding participation in and contribution to the development of financial technology by members.
  • In addition, regular updates will be obtained from the industry and FFDS.